Prabhat Sakri is operating in Madhubani District of Bihar situated 167 km away from Patna. The Jesuit Social Action Centre known as PRABHAT is right at the NH 57 ( Muzaffarpur-Purnia- Golden Quadrilateral). Jesuit apostolate in Madhubani District started in Sept. 1998. In the beginning for about a year Fr. Sudeep Chacko, S.J. with his team stayed in a rented house at Kotwali Chowk, Madhubani town. During this period he established contacts with many villages, especially Saday ( Musahar) tolas (hamlets) in the Pandaul Block of Madhubani district. Since then PRABHAT has been working mainly in four blocks of Madhubani district: Rahika (Madhubani), Pandaul, Raj Nagar and Jhanjharpur committed to the cause of participating in the ongoing life struggle of one of the most oppressed sections of the hierarchical caste ridden society namely the Sadays and Manjhis who are collectively known as Musahars. However, in the past eighteen years of involvement with people we observed a gradual growth in self-awareness and self-assertiveness among the people. In the year 2008 Prabhat moved to Sakri and continued its work for the Musahar community.

Organization Vision

Rooted in the Charism of the Society of Jesus and as followers of Jesus carrying the cross, we the Jesuits of Prabhat in partnership with our collaborators commit ourselves for the empowerment of the Saday-Manjhi community of Mithilanchel.

Organization Mission

To realize the vision, we as a team engage ourselves to protect and promote human dignity, equality and freedom through diverse empowering actions like community mobilization and creative education initiatives leading to developing a new consciousness of self-identity and social responsibility in Saday-Manjhi community.

Organization Objectives

  • Empower Saday - Manjhi community in Madhubani district and expand the activities to Darbhanga district.
  • Create human capital of Saday-Manjhi children through quality education.
  • Strengthen social and human capital of Saday- Manjhi communities through training and organization.
  • Enable Saday-Manjhi communities to have legal rights to their homestead land.
  • Establish a community organization of Saday – Manjhi in the name of ‘Dina Bhadri Morcha’ at the tola, Cluster, Block and District levels.
  • Mobilize a team of well-motivated, skilled and competent staff for Prabhat.
  • Improve the quality of education in government primary schools in line with RTE.
  • Organize women collectives as Mata Samiti wherever there is SECs and enable them to access entitlements.
  • Establish a formal school in Sakri affiliated either to the CBSE or ICSE board.









Women Empowerment

Achievements so far (As on Dec.2019)

Supplementary Education Centers (SECs)
Children in (SECs)
Mother’s committee (Mata Samiti)
Members in Mata Samiti
AWCs engaged with
Children in AWCs
Govt. School Engaged with
Children in Govt. Schools
Adolescent groups
Members in Adolescent groups
Children completed secondary school (Class X)
Youth groups
Members in youth groups


Fr. Anand Kerketta, SJ

My journey with the Musahar community since last two years at Prabhat Sakri helped me to understand the social situation and the lives of Musahar people in Madhubani district. Since its inception (1998), Prabhat has played a vital role in the life journey of Musahars community in Madhubani District. Last two decades Prabhat has been closely accompanying this community in their different sphere of lives. Our integrated effort has brought dynamic changes in the lives of Manjhi-Saday communities. Prabhat’s efforts is mainly on “Education of the poor children, liberation of bounded child laborers through education and life skill training, women empowerment through different engagements, providing awareness on health and hygiene and responding to the emergency need of the people in hardship time”.

Suman Kumari

Soon after completing Masters in Social work (MSW), I got the opportunity to join Prabhat Sakri, one of the Jesuit Social Action centres in Bihar as a staff. I am glad to be part of the Jesuit mission. Iwould like to contribute my best to this institution in serving the poor. Prabhat isa social action centre that is committed to the servicethe most marginalised groups, especially,Manjhi-Saday community of Mabhubani district.Being here with the Jesuits,gives me an inner joy anda sense of self- worththat I am able to share and practice what I have learned from them with others, especially, girls.Prabhat motivates me to live my life with dignity, loyalty and accountability. Prabhat is like a mirror inwhich I can see my life journey and the marvellous work done by the Jesuits in the formation of my life.I am involved mostly in the residential programme. Itgives me lot of opportunities for learning as well as tremendous joy in accompanying the girls in their quest for a life of dignity and meaning. I am inspired by the dedication, love and selflessness of the Fathers here.

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