Asha Deep Community College

Asha Deep is a non-Governmental, non-profit making, non-political organization of Patna Jesuit Society which is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and having its office at St. Xavier’s, W. Gandhi Maidan Marg, Patna, and Bihar. Asha Deep was started with a view to accompany the rural unorganized youth in skill development for employment as well as ensure their placement. The youth training program at Asha Deep started in full swing from 12th of December 2010 with 90 students in the 1st batch with funding from the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India, through Don Bosco Society (D B Tech) which had the program going in about 125 places all over India. So far Asha Deep has trained over 4,188 students in 31stbatches in market driven trades and placed them in reputed companies with the salary ranging between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000.

Organization Vison

Asha Deep envisions enhancement of skills in the unorganized rural youth, especially the youth from the Dalit, Tribal, Economically Backward and Minority communities, increase their economic capacity, make them self-dependent and create leadership for socio-economic empowerment of their community through subsidized skill enhancement and various skill related empowerment programs.

Organization Mission

Empowerment of Rural Unorganized Youth through job oriented skill enhancement for positive self and societal change.

Organization Objectives

  • To empower the youth for self-reliance.
  • To increase the employability of the youth through this training.
  • To increase the earning capacity of the youth.
  • To help the families of the youth going through the training economically.
  • Eventually to bring about a societal change.
  • To give alternative way of life to those involved in anti-social activities and earn through wrong and inhuman means.

Courses offered

ASSISTANT ELECTRICIAN (Automobile, Electric and Solar Technician)

Duration: 3 months

Assistant Electrician will be assisting level-4 electrician or superior in electrical work for the installation, repair, and maintenance of temporary LV electrical connections at the construction sites and permanent connections at residential and commercial buildings. The individual will be engaged in laying conduits for LV single phase wiring with appropriate selection and use of hand and power tools efficiently.


Duration: 3 months

Individual on the job provides patient care and help maintain a suitable environment. Some of the key responsibilities of the General Duty Assistant are to provide patients daily care, patients comfort, patient’s safety and patient’s health needs.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE (Hotel Management)

Duration: 3 months

The individual at work greets and seats the guests; takes down their orders; serves them with tableware, food, beverages, and accompaniments; finally clears the used dishes and settles the customers’ accounts as per the company’s policy.

IMPACT SO FAR (As on December 2019)

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