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Patna Jesuit Society (PJS) is a charitable organization, registered under society’s registration act 1860. PJS has a large network of educational institutions and social service centres across different districts of Bihar. Patna Jesuit Social Action (PJSA) is a wing of PJS that coordinates the manifold activities of socio-economic and political empowerment of the Dalit communities in Bihar. PJSA is comprised of 9 social service centres organized at three zones. Xavier Institute of Social Research (XISR), Patna provides much needed research and documentation assistance to our grass root centres. These centres are managed by a group of diversely and professionally qualified social scientists, social workers, activists and managers. Thus PJSA was launched to work with the marginalized landless, Dalits, and Tribal’s, with particular emphasis on children’s education and women empowerment.

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Skill Development

Ecology & Environment

Our Vision

We envision an egalitarian and self-reliant society founded on human values by developing self-confidence and leadership among the underprivileged sections of our society

Our Mission

In solidarity with the struggling masses, we commit ourselves to accompany and empower, the most excluded sections in society by enabling them to affirm and uphold their dignity and rights through a process of sensitization and organization.

Priority Groups

People whose basic rights and entitlements are being denied and unmet; who live under chronic poverty, oppression and livelihood insecurity, like Dalits, Tribals, Women, Unorganized youth & Children Victims of natural calamities, disasters etc.

Thrust areas

  • Promotion of Quality Education
  • Promotion and Protection of Human Rights & Gender Equity
  • Expansion of people’s access to entitlements
  • Strengthening of good local governance
  • Enhancement of human, social and cultural capital
  • Protection of natural resources

Broad strategy

  • Educational mainstreaming of the deprived sections
  • Legal aid capacity building,
  • Grass root Democracy & Governance
  • Research & Advocacy
  • Women Empowerment and Sustainable livelihood

Our Values

  • Social Justice
  • Accountability
  • Democracy
  • Gender Equity
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity with the poor


From our past experience, following GC 32, of working with the poor – particularly with the dalits and tribals in the state and our understanding of the present socio-economic and politico-cultural and religious scenario in the state, country and the world, we reaffirm our commitment to promote just and egalitarian social relationship through promotion and protection of human rights and dignity of every individual.

Major Components of Social Action Intervention:

  • Conscientisation
  • Formation of human capital of the poor through quality education and vocational training
  • Advancement of the right of the poor to homestead land
  • Quality education
  • Employment and food through advocacy
  • Promotion of subaltern cultures
  • Expansion of our presence in geographical frontiers
  • Facilitation of a process of developing ‘dalit’ ideology and leadership for empowerment
  • Partnership and Networking

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