Manthan, Centre for Awareness, Training and Research is an organization that provides space and scope for churning of different thoughts that lead to social transformation and change. As the name indicates, Manthan was founded to function as an organization that is engaged in awareness creation, training and capacity building and research. Manthan is committed to work with the poorest of the poor to empower them through different social interventions such as Education, Community mobilization, Women empowerment, Capacity building, exploring livelihood options, Legal aid and Research. Manthan has become one of the most recognized and respected voices of the deprived and vulnerable sections in the operational area.

Manthan emerged as a well-recognized and respected non-governmental, voluntary organization working for the welfare of the people. The government officials looked up to Manthan to give shape to its educational and developmental works. For more than three decades, Manthan was one of the three District Resource Units in Bihar for the implementation of non-formal education. Manthan prepared text books, trained thousands of teachers of non-formal education and ran more than hundred non-formal education Centres.

Manthan with its experience of working for the poor felt the need of reaching out to the most vulnerable and deprived sections of the society, thus in last two decades Manthan started working for the Manjhi community. Manthan’s focused attention on the Manjhi’s has begun to yield its results in terms of mainstreaming of education among this community, social awareness, economic mobility, leadership etc. Thus from a humble beginning Manthan has become the voice of the voiceless, power of the powerless and a guiding light for thousands of Children grouping in the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy.

Organization Vision

The creation of a human society where the relationship among the people will be characterised by human values especially love, justice equality, peace, harmony etc.

Organization Mission

Work towards the economic equality and opportunity; social equality and opportunity especially with regard to caste and gender; political equality and opportunity; cultural and religious freedom of expression and growth; educational opportunities; social harmony; harmony with nature and environmental concerns

Organization Objectives

  • To promote socialistic pattern of society by securing social, economic and political justice.
  • To promote equal opportunity for work
  • To provide free and compulsory education up to the age of 14 years
  • To promote the Empowerment of Women and Sustainable Livelihood
  • To promote Human Rights protection









Women Empowerment

Right to Food

Achievements so far (As on Dec.2019)

Supplementary Education Centers (SECs)
Children in (SECs)
Child Resource Centers (CRCs)
Children in (CRCs)
Mother’s committee (Mata Samiti)
Members in Mata Samiti
AWCs engaged with
Children in AWCs
Govt. School Engaged with
Children in Govt. Schools
Adolescent groups
Members in Adolescent groups
Children completed secondary school (Class X)


Fr. Juno Sebastian, SJ

The Journey of the last four decades helped us to understand the social situation and the lives of people and then make small, big and bigger changes in their lives. Manthan’s efforts to educate poor children through different programs play a vital role to help them to achieve their goals.
“I am here in Manthan to study for two years under long term residential programme. Along with studies, they teach us discipline and we also extra-curricular activities like dancing, singing, acting, etc. My Goal is to become a police officer after I complete my education program with Manthan

Khushboo Kumari

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