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Enhancing life in its fullness – through awareness, healing, empowerment, spiritual integration leading to the good news of the Kingdom for a just and humane society A brief note about the Ministry: Atmadarshan, Navajyoti, and Fatima Susamachar Kendra have been active in promoting the vision-mission of the Renewal ministry through various awareness, healing, empowerment, and integration workshops as well as retreats and other renewal programs to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom for all section of society irrespective of caste, creed, religious or cultural affiliations. Moreover, the Patna Jesuits have been active in giving various renewal programs and retreats in the Province, outside the Province, in various parts of India as well as abroad.

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1. Atmadarshan (Click here for List of Programs)

Digha Ghat P.O.
Patna, Bihar 800 011
Ph: 0612-2560537, Mob: 09430032436
Email: adarshansj@gmail.com, adarshan@sancharnet.in

2. Navajyoti Niketan (Click here for List of Programs)

Navjyoti Niketan
Sadaquat Ashram P.O.
Patna, Bihar 800 010
Ph: 0612-2277144
Email: njnpatna@rediffmail.com

3. Fatima Mata Susamachar Kendra

Fatima Mata Susamachar Kendra
Sadaquat Ashram P.O
Patna, Bihar 800 010
Ph: 0612-2272733
Email: fatimama@sancharnet.in

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  1. Rajendran Francis
  2. Ozzie Saldanha
  3. Eddy Mendonca
  4. Mathew Chemplany
  5. Joe Thadavanal
  6. Pius thekumury
  7. Tony Mattappally
  8. Johnon Kelakath
  9. Joe Velamkunnel
  10. Joe Vellaringatt
  11. Alwyn D’Souza
  12. Donald Miranda
  13. Peter Ignatius
  14. Sushil Sah
  15. Jesuits giving retreats periodically

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Fr. Joseph Kunnumpuram
Atmadarshan, Digha Ghat, P.O., Patna-800011
Phone/Mobile: 0612-2560537/09430212655
Email: jkunnum12@gmail.com

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1. Vachan Dhara from Susamachar Kendra.

2. Books from Atmadarshan:

  1. The Miracle of Awareness,
  2. On Wings of the Swan,
  3. The Star of the East,
  4. The Light of Love,
  5. The Light of Awareness,
  6. Pathways to Depth Awareness;
  7. Finding God in All things

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Looking towards Future:

Looking towards Future Perspective planning for the Renewal Ministry in collaboration with other ministries

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New Initiatives:

Atmadarshan staff takes up new apostolates like animation of High School Students, College students, and lay people. AMR programs are conducted in India and abroad. Navjyoti has many programs organized for the lay people, NGO’s, priests and religious. Susamachar Kendra has many lay people, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and very poor people profiting.

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